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  • Yorba Linda
  • Anaheim Hills
  • Battle Fit

Yorba Linda Martial Arts Center

Located on the east side of Yorba Linda near Java Joes and Travis Ranch. Our Yorba Linda Studio hosts state of the art amenities and a local park.

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Anaheim Hills Martial Arts Center

Located on the border of Anaheim Hills and Yorba Linda near Carls Jr. and Wholesome Choice. Our beautiful studio is easily accessable from the 91 Freeway and Imperial Highway.

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BattleFit Personalized Fitness

BattleFit Personalized Fitness, Get Fit – Stay Fit - Extreme Fit
A complete program focused on your individual success! Circuit Training , kickboxing , boot camps , Flexibility , Cardio ( speed & agility ) and strength training !

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Our National Training Center hosts an 11,000 sq/foot training space that is used for events, tests, and seminars.

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Studio Videos

Super Studio

Trophy Image

Super Studio
We are returning to the tournament to keep our first place title!

Girl Power

Girl Image

Girl Ninjas are the Best
Our girl rock stars are kick butt! Friends make the best training partners.

Bully Defense

Martial Art Youtube Vid

Bully Defense
The real tool to self-defense is the confidence to stand up for yourself.

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Six Reasons to Train With Us

  • Personalized Training +

    The problem with most martial arts academies is that they require to student to fit into the system. At our schools we adapt the system into the student. We customize our student's training experience so that they receive the most efficient and effective results.
  • Superior Environment +

    A Safe, Clean, and No-Tough-Guy Environment are a point of pride at our schools. Our community is filled with positive, forward-thinking people that are there to work WITH the instructors and fellow students, instead of beating them.
  • Superior Workout +

    After training with us you will never go back to your gym, CrossFit studio, or previous sport. Even without the special formulated and personalized workouts, training in the martial arts in our method alone will burn fat, build strength, increase flexibility, and overall health.
  • True Self Defense +

    Our philosophy is to teach martial arts that can be used for both sport and self-defense. But the true power of what we do is turn you into a complete martial artist with the ability to handle any situation
  • Excellent Instructors +

    Every one of our students is taught by a highly skilled and professional martial artist. The goal for our instructors is to turn our students into the best version of themselves, whether that be in fitness, martial arts, or philosophy.
  • Amazing Stress Relief +

    As a discipline, sport, and way of life, the martial arts offer the ability to cope with high levels of stress and build a stronger, more confident self-image. If you're a person looking for that added mental edge in business, or someone who just wants to feel stronger and be more energetic, martial arts is right for you.
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