Corporate Programs for progressive companies


Our Corporate Programs are designed for progressive companies and organizations wanting to provide their teams with a unique twist to the usual motivational classes while also providing valuable fitness and self-defense skills.

Depending upon your needs, we provide on-site or off-site training from 2 Hours of basic self- defense training to completely customized half and full days of training jam-packed with your choice of topics. All programs are built upon the power of how martial arts teaches focus and discipline that translate into more creative, confident, empowered, and energetic team members.

We offer:

 2-hour Program on Self Defense: $600 up to 20 People / $1200 up to 40 People / $1800 up to 60 People – Over 60 people please call for details
- This program can also be specialized as Women’s Self Defense where we will cover issues and techniques specific to women.
- This program focuses on: Not being a target, assessing your surroundings, understanding your personal space, how and when to defend yourself, and the chance to defend yourself against the Redman suit.
- Participants master practical, basic, easy-to-follow self-defense techniques designed for individuals of all ages and limitations.

 2-hour Light Saber Program: $65/per employee + $10 light saber rental fee = $75 per employee
- This is a fun & light hearted class that is sure to be the topic of conversation at the office for weeks afterwards. Employees will get to live out their dream of being a Star Wars hero (or villain) and learn how to fight with combat light sabers.
- This program begins with a short safety speech on how to handle the light sabers.
- Participants will be taught basic blocks, strikes, and easy-to-follow self-defense techniques designed for individuals of all ages and limitations. There are no clothing requirements for staff but we do recommend workout clothes or sweats and t-shirt, but they can come as they are and return to work excited and full of energy.

 Half day of Training: (4 Hours up to 100 employees) $3000 Flat Fee
- This program includes all the benefits of the 2-hour program above as well as fun and more extensive self-defense training: how to escape from different holds, duct tape, zip ties, and more!
- The Half Day Training can also be customized to combine Self Defense, Yoga and/ or Light Saber Training

 Full Day Of Training: (8 Hours up to 100 employees) $5000 Flat Fee + $65 Per Employee for a Tactical Flashlight - This is the program everyone will be talking about! Not only does this memorable day include all the benefits of the 2-hour and half day programs, participants also learn to defend against multiple attackers, knife and club defense and an innovative weapon defense with a tactical flashlight. Team members will receive a tactical flashlight with this training. This flashlight is completely legal, an amazing self-defense tool and small enough to keep in your pocket or purse. This flashlight is a better tool than pepper spray or a taser and we will show you why.
- The Full Day Training can also be customized to include Self-Defense, Yoga, and/or Light Saber Training.

 Add On Yoga Class: (1 Hour Session) $250 for up to 30 People / $400 for up to 50 People / Additional $10 per person over 50 people
- Finish off your training with a relaxing and reinvigorating yoga class
- You don't need to be able to get your foot behind your head to experience the benefits of yoga! We offer a simple yoga practice you can do even while seated at your desk. This accessible yoga practice is inclusive and requires no physical expertise.

- Yoga in the office is known to:
 Leave you fresh and recharged
 Cultivate mental focus, enhance concentration, improve efficiency and creativity
 Alleviate chronic symptoms that occur from sitting
 Manage stress mindfully and bond positive emotions to the workplace
 Make teamwork fun and friendly, building better communication and trust with this group activity

- Employees will learn:
 Seated stretches using a chair for support
 Standing yoga poses for strength and balance
 Meditation techniques to create immediate relief from the “monkey mind”
 Breathing exercises they can do to release stress anywhere

 Ask about out hugely popular Weekly/Bi-Weekly Programs!

We have customized classes for businesses and organizations just like yours including:

Google, HP, Sony, Homeinstead, RJ Noble, Boys and Girls Scouts of America, National Charity League, North County Women Professionals, Yorba Linda High School, Esperanza High School, Valencia High School, and more.

Let us customize a program just for you!

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